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407-409 [May. 24th, 2004|04:22 pm]


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got this from a post on a QAF community...it was posted by chiquis5784


Brian has a form of "seminola", an acute version of testicular cancer. The testi has to be removed to rule out cancer...The doc, while presenting Kinney with a box explains that they'll give him a "prosthetic replacement". Brian is appeased he won't be a "one-balled wonder."

Justin is first rejected by Brian to have sex when he's putting his hands down Brian's pants and Brian winces. His wee-wee hurts. He accuses Justin of cold hands and declines sweet sunshine's offer. :(

Brian is in Kinnetic talking with Cynthia of wanting to cancel his meetings. This is when Justin enters and hears that Brian is going to Ibiza. He wonders if he's going too...Unfortunately after Brian dismisses Cynthia his responce is "WE'RE NOT FUCKING MARRIED!!! I don't need to tell you anything!!!" I guess Brian regrets snapping at sunshine the way he did so he hugs him and tells Jus its not him. THAT's when Justin says he loves him and will be here when he returns.

Ep ends with Brian on the operating table counting backwards from ten. :((


Starts off with Brian waking up from a bad dream. In it he's in babylon, bautiful men everywhere, and...no other than Vic's ghost!. The creepy part is when Vic tells him "you're everything you never wanted to be." Followed by the *once* beautiful men turning old & tired. ::shudders::

At the Diner, while Jus, Mel, Ted are talking...Brian enters and is greeted by them. Especially by a happy Justin. BUT as Brian picks up a little green plastic egg holder...one egg has fallen out and he replaces it. Symbolism for his balls, maybe? :(

It's confirmed Justin has now returned to PIFA. Since Brian gives him a ride to school after the Diner. They have *the* talk Hooky Jo mentioned earlier this yr...;)

Justin & Mickey meet up with who'll be *the* director of RAGE: The Movie. The boys are assured he'll stay true to the comicbook. They also talk about possible [famous] actors to play RAGE. Justin recommends Brian...Awww. :D

Afterwards Jus is at loft talking nonstop about how things went on Rage. In the meantime Brian is walking around, wincing and not really paying attention. They talk and Brian goes to the bathroom. That's when the doctor calls about Brian's follow-up to the surgery which Justin overhears. :(

Justin goes to comicbook store to talk with Mikey about it. He finds out he didn't know either. Justin wants to talk to Brian about it but Mickey convinces him not to.

Brian is still having more pain. He is excused during a meeting in Kinnetic when they notice him wincing terribly, a little stooped over in pain. *cries* :((

LATER Jus & Bri are at loft. They're sitting at the bed while Justin is undressing Brian. It's obvious Brian is in pain and barely holding it together. They lie down with J leaning over B caressing his face and talking to him. J insists B tell him all about Ibiza. Brian [with eyes closed and sweating because of the pain] makes up a story about the hot guys, etc., then finally, mercifully, falls to sleep. Justin lays his head on B's chest and sucks in a deep breath, sniffling, obviously crying. He hugs Brian real tight, cries and lets out a big breath/sigh. ::sniff:: :((

Next day Bri/Mickey are at loft talking. And that's when Mickey spills it that he & Justin know. Brian is pissed...

The ep ends with the heated argument B/J have....(Justin havin just arrived with bag over his shoulder and movies in his hand is greeted by Brian's unexpected reply)...

J: Hey...[walks over to the dining room table where B is seated]...picked up some movies.

B: What...Terms of Endearment, Love Story...My Boyfriend has Cancer [Justin looks shocked]. Brian then picks up the movies and throws them across the loft. Justin flinches but stands his ground.

J: Why didn't you tell me..

B: Maybe because I.didn't.want.you.to. know...maybe it's NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!

J: I'm you're partner...

B: ...not anymore. I don't want you here...GET THE FUCK OUT!!

J: cut it out!

B: I said get...[picks up J's bag and walks towards the door] THE FUCK OUT!

J: Brian, I love you and want to help you...

B: [opens loft door] GET THE FUCK OUT! [throws Justin's bag out, then FORCEFULLY throws Justin out]. Justin slams against the wall and proceeds to throw the movies [which he'd picked up off the floor] at the loft door. Fade to black...


Starts off with another bad dream by Brian that once again include Vic. In it Brian, is in a shiny bathing suit, [in an ode to cheesy '50s sci-fi movies] & strapped to a table reminiscent of the lighted dance floor of Babylon with Vic's ghost playing the evil *something*. Anyway, Brian is writhing on the table trying to get loose.

V: Isn't this fun?

B: You're sadistic! I'll never tell you where the jewels are.

V: Don't you mean ju-wels? Who knows...if you're lucky, you might even get a few more years...like me. [Vic's ghost proceeds to zap Kinney's groin area]. ::shudders some more::


Brian later arrives to Kinnetic and finds Justin waiting for him in the office. Brian rejects him again, kicks him out, and orders Cynthia to not allow Jus entrance or to be near him...:(

Later that day Justin confronts Mickey over telling Brian that he knew...(same dialogue Hooky Jo spoked about earlier this yr). ;)

In Kinnetic Brian is lying on the sofa and when Ted enters he notices something's wrong. Brian eventually tells him but orders him to keep it a secret or else...He also asks Ted to cover for him (make presentation) that afternoon cause he's going home...Ted agrees.

Mickey goes to try and talk with Brian at loft. But only does briefly before he too gets kicked out...

OUTSIDE of the bookstore Justin & Mickey talk once again. Justin is practicly saying that he's given up on Brian since he doesn't want to see him anymore...That's when Mickey tells him "You read the Kinney Operating Manual?...he thinks now that he's sick..that he's no longer perfect...that you won't love him anymore...that you're going to leave him". Justin thinks it's crazy but Mickey then replies with "Not if you put all your eggs in one basket...so to speak...when being young...being beautiful...being Brian Kinney is what it's all about and you take that away, he figures...what's he got" [Justin walks away after contemplation]

Ep ends with Bri entering his loft to the sound of cooking. He finds Justin in the kitchen making some soup. Brian once again snaps at him telling him he should leave. But Justin won't take it. This is what's said between them...

B: I thought I told you to get out.

J: At least I didn't hear...you tend to mumble alot [Brian walks clear around one of the T-beams and throws his portfolio to the island, removing his coat and scarf]. "You want some soup...it's Debbie's homemade recipe."

B: No wonder I feel like barfing. Listen to me...you little shit. I.Don't.Want.You.Here.

J: [ladeling soup into a bowl] I don't care what you want. [Brian walks around, evil look on his face] and grabs Justin's arm trying to drag him out of the loft.. "you're not getting rid of me." [Brian continues to pull, Justin pulls back...finally Justin pushes Brian to the floor, where he crumples into a heap]. Justin goes over... "shit...are you alright?" [leans down over Brian] ... "tell me you're alright..."

B: [slaps Justin away] I'm ALRIGHT! [Justin leans down again trying to pick Brian up]...

J: Shit...you're not alright...[Brian leaps up and gets in Justin's face].

B: Then why the hell are you asking me?!

J: [angry now] So I can tell you what a motherfucking piece of shit you are for not telling me...for shutting me out..for thinking you could handle this [voice cracking] on your own. Most of all for thinking I would leave you. Why would you think that? [Brian looks...fed up...removes his coat and tries to push past Justin]...because you had a ball removed? [Justin impedes his path]...because you're no longer perfect? Well, believe me, Mr. Kinney...that is the least of your imperfections. If I wanted to leave you, I'd have better reasons...plenty of them...

B: Maybe you should. Leave.

J: Yeah...maybe you're right. But I thought we had a comittment and I plan to stand by it. Now...[Justin points to the bed] get your ass back in bed you son-of-a-bitch and eat some fucking chicken soup.

Brian does as instructed and walks *gingerly* with a little groan to bed. Justin brings the soup over.

The End

[User Picture]From: meow4now
2004-06-07 05:24 am (UTC)


Wow, thanks so much for that. I didn't want to wait at all. tytyty
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[User Picture]From: dksluvsfwm
2004-07-01 01:34 pm (UTC)

Ep. 9.

I loved that final scene in ep. 9. The best part was the fact that Brian listened to Justin.
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[User Picture]From: brianne
2004-07-19 08:47 am (UTC)

Re: Ep. 9.

Me too. I quoted it to my non-QAF watching friends to explain the show to them. Very dramatic, and tells Justin and Brian's characters well.
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[User Picture]From: _cinematic
2004-07-24 09:49 pm (UTC)

sooooo gooooooooooooooood.
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